Entry #2


2008-02-26 05:30:50 by Voldermort2845

YES! I've finally finished the Anzac Tribute! It took about a month of hard work, but I think it turned out well.


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2008-02-26 18:41:01

that last bit was from a movie about the ANZACs
I swear i have seen it before

Voldermort2845 responds:

Yeah, the movies called Galipoli.


2008-03-08 17:52:06

Hey, browsed through your profile cuz I saw you as someone that had one of my songs as favourite. I wanted to say that, for a first flash, your movie certainly wasn't bad.

I do not know much about flash (tunes are more my business), but seems to me you used only sprites. I would encourage you to work more with music (in the end of your movie the was no music playing anymore, don't know whether you wanted it, but I didn't really like it) AND you should try to do some frame-by-frame work. It's really intensive, but that way you learn how to draw really fast. If you ever find yourself looking for some good drawing tutorials, let me remind you that JAZZA has an awesome series. You can find the links on his profile (www.jazza.newgrounds.com), it's in one of his newsposts.

Hope I could help you out a bit! Thanks again for listening to my music!

Voldermort2845 responds:

Hey, thanks for the advice!

I was planning to put the "Last Post" in the credits, but it was too long, and I didn't want to make it seem less dramatic.

But yeah, I'll check out JAZZA, thanks! :)


2008-05-02 07:07:01

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